Reflection on PS Vita Postmortem

Reflection on PS Vita Postmortem

The reason why I chose to do my assignment on the PlayStation Vita (Vita) was because I have a certain affinity with this console. Ever since I was a kid, aside from going to Internet cafés and playing Battle Realms or Counter Strike there, I also loved going to arcades and playing Tekken. That was why when my sister bought a PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Tekken 6, I got hooked.

However, I have always dreamt of playing Tekken 6 on the go, kind of like how I played Street Fighter on the Game Boy. When the Vita came out and my sister told me about it, I was so excited to finally be able to play Tekken 6 or something similar on the go, so I almost instantly bought the handheld.

To this day, my Vita is still with me. However, to be frank, I did not really spend that much time with it; for me the Nintendo 3DS was still the more superior handheld device. Still, the thought of having a technology in my hands that was considered by many to have “failed” interests me.

For this project, I started my general search on different news sites and took notes while doing so. Upon finding similarities in points between the sites, I began narrowing my search. For example, the topic of “proprietary memory cards” always popped up whenever people talked about the demise of the Vita. So, I would narrow my search and search for and reflect on the specific problems concerning the Vita opting for proprietary memory cards.

After I felt that I have done a bit of research, I started highlighting and colour coding different arguments of why the Vita failed. For example, price would be colour teal, while the rise of mobile phone video gaming would be colour green. Afterwards, I started my outline and organized my notes into different subsections, namely Brief History, Discourse, Development Decisions, and Solutions. Similar arguments within each subsection were, of course, grouped together. Then, I began perhaps the most important step, which was the identification and listing of relevant social groups that could have been affected by these different factors.

After finishing my rough outline, I began working on my first draft. I normally write the body paragraphs first and worry about the introduction and conclusion later. For this assignment, I dedicated two days to writing the body paragraphs and one day to writing the introduction and conclusion. I then waited for a few days before coming back to proofread and edit my piece.