This project, which took roughly four months from April to July 2022, explores how the photo-taking prototype Kamera-d can help people preserve their everyday moments while staying in the moment. There is a dwindling disparity between natural and unnatural photos, a rift that has been – and is still being – blurred by modern society’s perfectionist approach to and view on photography. If photos are to continue to serve as society’s main mode of visually capturing everyday moments of history from below, then the dignity of natural and raw photos must also be kept sacred.

My Lil’ Health Bot is a project I undertook as a part of my university program’s internship course. As My Lil’ Health Bot’s sole UX/UI designer, I was in charge of doing the design research; designing the application all the way from medium fidelity to high fidelity; and illustrating and animating the “cute” visual assets the company was striving for.

Squirrels is a clean, all-in-one place for easy university event discovery, registration, and creation. This group project took about four months, which involved discovering the problem that needed to be addressed; collecting and interpreting data; ideating; creating the low, medium, and some of the high fidelity prototypes; and iterating and reflecting on the results.

This design is the 2021 redesign of AccuStack’s old website. It aims to tackle previous “problems” identified with the original design, such as it looking too generic and unappealing to its target audience. Using polygons, diagonal lines, glassmorphism, and straight corners, this design emphasizes on the sharpness and accuracy of technology.

These screens are from my one-man personal project, a monster-catching game that is yet to have an official name. Because of the game’s more mature elements compared to many known existing games of the same genre, this game’s user interface strives to achieve a “sophisticated” yet “cute” style using dark colours, specific metals, and hand-drawn elements. The screens and assets were created using the Adobe Suite and Clip Studio, and the design was implemented using YAML and JavaScript within the limitations of the game engine used, RPG Maker.

This is a prototype of a community-created yearbook whose objective is based on an identified observation and problem, namely that: “Many people spend a lot of time playing Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying Games, or MMORPGs. So much so that these games have forged relationships, developed online communities, and become core parts in human culture and memory. Since there is currently minimal effort in documenting MMORPGs’ players, as well as the communities and cultures formed within and through these MMORPGs, an important part of human culture, history, and memory is lost.”

Mobile Me is a university assignment that involved sketching, designing, and creating an application on Balsamiq that represents an aspect of my personality. For this project, I chose to represent my personality as a rolling introverted egg that gains Health Points (HP) as it moves further and further away from a crowded city.

This physical prototype was created based on what is a common problem in the classroom or lecture hall setting: when a concept becomes complicated or confusing for students, some students may be too embarrassed to raise their hands to ask for clarification. Another hurdle could be, especially in larger lectures, students may find it difficult to get noticed by the professor when they raise their hands in the first place.

I created this video game loadout menu for a user interface challenge, which involved not only visual and accessibility research, but also creating assets and motion effects using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Accessibility research and surveys were also conducted to ensure that the design is accessible to people with colourblindness and nearsightedness.

GenialTask is a simple, no-fuss task management tool to easily create and manage daily tasks, thus increasing productivity. As this project and redesign is just based on a heuristic evaluation, I would not consider this evaluation to be the end-all for this project, but rather more of a supplement or aid.

Note: The GenialTask team (Egor Komarov and Vadym Bigun) did not request me to create this heuristic evaluation and new design for them. This project is solely for personal skill development.

More UX design samples (e.g., admin dashboards, company websites) available upon request.