Pre-Alpha Patch Notes: September 21, 2020

September 21, 2020


  • Increased Perfidy’s accuracy from 75% to 90%
  • Switching now subtracts 1 and adds 1 to the ultimate charges to avoid switch exploitation (wherein the user constantly switches to get everyone at full ultimate charge)
  • Reduced step distance from 48 to 20 to mitigate skipping frames
  • Augments are back — test augments include an HP augment, a heal skill augment, an AGI augment, and a MATK leveller augment
  • Augments can now be removed and added via an NPC. Replacing an augment will remove the augment from the wearer and return it to the inventory
  • Consumable shop now open again (potions + ethers)


  • Fixed “immortal slime” bug
  • Fixed bug where HP gauge doesn’t appear upon switching out


  • Status turns text temporarily changed to a lighter colour to promote readability
  • Started working on preliminary set of icons (mostly main status effects) — will probably make them slightly bigger




  • Made boss a lot less evasive (hits for bosses will now largely (if not fully) depend on the player’s hit rate, not the boss’ AGI or evasion rate)
  • His ultimate skill will no longer proc twice to make Blood Wine viable again
  • To make other tanks viable against this boss, his ultimate skill has also been changed to a neutral type. All other boss monsters will most likely also have this trait
  • Reduced boss shield wall to 10%
  • Reduced the boss’ Shield Wall to 2 uses and Madness to 3 uses (Madness HP recovery decreases each time, but ATK also increases each time)
  • More changes to his AI
  • Removed his life steal
  • Changed his basic attack so that it also procs a bleed effect (so he does not look so miserable if the battle stalls long enough to reach this point)


  • Battering Ram will now only strike once
  • Reduced “Charge” to 10 uses (from 15)


  • Gave Slimeliar Earth an ultimate move — “Knockback X” — though it will be weaker than the other Slimeliar forms’ ultimates to balance Slimeliar with the other DPS (60 base damage)
  • Removed skill costs to Transmutate, instead gave it a -5 HP “penalty” as a small HP penalty aligns more with the skill lore, Slimeliar’s lore, and Slimeliar’s passives/play style (i.e. switching constantly to absorb moves, thus negating the -5 HP penalty)