Mobile Me

Mobile Me App: Introverted Egg

Grade Received: A

Try using the above interactive sample of my Mobile Me App by clicking on the yellow button!


Adobe Acrobat, Balsamiq, Clip Studio Paint

This university assignment involved sketching, designing, and creating an application on Balsamiq that represents an aspect of my personality. For this project, I chose to represent my personality as a rolling introverted egg that gains Health Points (HP) as it moves further and further away from a crowded city.

Phase I: Sketching

For the initial sketching and brainstorming process, I chose to focus on my love for history and video games, my introversion, and (upon great suggestion from my friends) my neutrality when analyzing situations. I created ten different sketches in total.

Phase II: Sketch Revisions

After presenting my sketches and receiving feedback from my comrades, I decided to focus on my ninth sketch: the Introverted Egg. While generating new variations of this sketch, I thought of the different ways one can cook an egg, and tried to incorporate some of those into my sketches. Like in the first phase, I created ten sketch variations in total.

Phase III: Balsamiq

I decided on my seventh revision sketch because I felt that it encapsulates my personality the most: my love for eggs (as a vegetarian, eggs are important to me as rich protein sources), my introversion, and my love for video games. As seen in the updated version on Balsamiq, I also included a changing landscape in the background, which changes from the big city Toronto (where I study and commute two hours to every day) to the smaller town Newmarket (where I live). Below is the application’s sequential storyboard. Initially the project involved a lot of text, including an instructions page, an end message page, and a roll button with the “ROLL” text written on it. However, upon feedback from my professor, I decided to incorporate a lot of these texts into the visuals. For example, to say that Toronto is crowded, I placed a lot of eggs representing crowds of people in the background.

Below is an interactive screenshot of the application that shows what each element represents and why that specific element was included in the application.

Phase IV: Revised Balsamiq

Upon presenting my initial Balsamiq application to the class, my professor pointed out a problem in my choice of colours: the colour of the eggs in the background is too similar to the background itself, thus making the eggs difficult to see. To tackle this problem, I changed the eggs’ colours from dark blue to light brown.

To try out the app on Balsamiq, please click here and wait for the Balsamiq project to initialize. To access the project and see it in editor’s mode, please click here. Otherwise, the application is also playable below: