Designing Interactive Systems

This project uses the AR design tool Wiarframe to prototype a retail environment where proxemic interactions explore two design themes, namely deception (dark design) and privacy invasion. I decided to create a design that continuously tries to capture the target’s attention to lead him/her to a certain store. In this case, I decided to use the Pokémon character, Bulbasaur, to lead the target to the video game store, EB Games.

This project makes use of Adobe After Effects, Adobe XD, and DaVinci Resolve to create an imagined technology in the home that is designed for connectedness. I decided to create a candle-like device that improves communication between a working parent and her child.

This assignment involved using the online website builder Webflow to tell a story that is controlled using one dimensional interaction (scrolling). For this project, to encourage adopting dogs from shelters instead of buying them from stores or breeders, I chose to tell (and put my own spin to) the true story of Chad the dog.  

This assignment involved sketching, designing, and creating an application on Balsamiq that represents an aspect of my personality. For this project, I chose to represent my personality as a rolling introverted egg that gains Health Points (HP) as it moves further and further away from a crowded city.