A redesign of AccuStack's website. Designed for AccuStack.

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My high fidelity deliverable of AccuStack’s redesigned website.


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Balsamiq, Clip Studio Paint, Envato, Google Suite


design research, sequential storyboards, wireframes, asset collection & optimization


This design is the 2021 redesign of AccuStack’s old website. It aims to tackle previous “problems” identified with the original design, such as it looking too generic and unappealing to its target audience. Using polygons, diagonal lines, glassmorphism, and straight corners, this design emphasizes on the sharpness and accuracy of technology.

A screenshot of AccuStack’s old website prior to the redesign.

The new design aims to appeal to both younger and older audiences, emphasizing on the aesthetics of sharp, cutting-edge technology to elevate the website’s presence. As such, the following changes were made to help embody the sharpness theme:

  • Rounded corners were replaced with straight corners
  • Glassmorphism was used throughout the website
  • Polygon illustrations and backgrounds were used
  • Diagonal dividers were used


Medium Fidelity

I created my medium fidelity design on Balsamiq and presented it to the team via video chat for feedback. Keeping the medium fidelity design instead of moving on to the high fidelity design without getting feedback allowed me to quickly make the necessary changes needed before (again) getting feedback, as well as the green light needed to finally move on to the high fidelity design. 

High Fidelity

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My high fidelity deliverable of AccuStack’s redesigned website.