Introverted Egg Application

Click on an element on the phone screen to find out what it represents and why it is there!

Introverted Egg Application
Roll Button Toronto Introverted Egg HP Bar Crowd Watercolour Style

Roll Button

Tap this button to make the egg roll forward. I chose a circular button instead of a rectangular one because of the softer look of the circle. I have always been told that I was soft.


This city represents the city where I study and commute two hours to every day from Newmarket. It is a stark contrast from quiet Newmarket, and although I spend a lot of time here, I would say that I still prefer peaceful towns over bustling cities.

Introverted Egg

The Introverted Egg (and later on, the bird that would come out of it) represents me. I chose to be an egg not only because of my reliance on eggs as a protein source (as a vegetarian), but also because of its association with birds, as I have often been told that eat and sound like a bird.

HP Bar

This bar represents the egg's current Health Points (HP). The further away the egg gets from the crowd and crowded city, the more its HP would get healed. HP bars are common in video games, which dominated my childhood and are still huge hobbies of mine to this day.


I am not fond of big crowds; that is why I never really liked going to parties. I would rather stay home with my close friends and/or family and play a board game!

Watercolour Style

I chose to do a watercolour style because of my love of soft styles and how often I am described as "soft."